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Cash Flow Planning


What is a Behavioral Cash Flow Plan?

Behavioral Cash Flow Planning is a written document including specific advice on personal spending based on a standardized process that takes into account your income, expenses, proximity to retirement, your short term goals, assets and liabilities and recommend how much you can spend on the things you can control in order to achieve your dreams.

It includes specific and clear advice on both spending and debt repayment. A Behavioural Cash Flow Plan is NOT a budget. It is a plan that helps manage your day-to-day cash flow. It is a plan that takes into account financial obligations, and provides guidance on future costs like purchasing your next vehicle, handling emergencies and planning for major expenses such as renovating with the exact amount you should focus on spending with expenses you can control.

How can a behavioral cash flow plan benefit me?

  • Find you the money to fund your dreams!
  • Show you how to save tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in inefficient interest
  • Help you stop money leaks on stuff that doesn’t matter so you’ve got lots of money for the stuff that does
  • Finally tell you what TO DO, not just what to buy!

What does a behavioural cash flow plan include:

  • A letter of engagement outlining the process and commitment of all parties
  • A written report that is easily understandable and referenced on a regular basis.
  • Exactly HOW to alter your debts and cash flow patterns to achieve your dreams
  • A review process including a refreshed written plan

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