Plan For Tomorrow Today!

Preferred Retirement


Bank on Yourself, Infinite Banking, The Wall Street what is this all about?

It is a financial strategy that lets you grow your money even when stocks, real estate and other investments may not be performing well.

The strategy uses a Whole Life Insurance Contract, and when structured correctly can help you build cash values that you can use to fund short term and long term retirement goals.

Yes, Whole Life Insurance… but not just any Whole Life Contract!

Whole Life lets you safely grow and protect your hard earned money, and as part of a comprehensive plan will help provide a retirement you can predict and count on.

The belief is that you have to die to win with Life Insurance, but the financial benefit with Whole Life used with this strategy, allows you to use your benefits while you are alive.

Properly structured you can:


  • Create a predictable retirement income
  • Reduce taxes
  • Start recapturing interest paid to banks, credit cards and finance companies
  • Grow wealthier every year—in bull and bear markets
  • Gain control over your money

Remember we finance everything we buy—when you pay cash, you lose out on the growth and interest you could have earned on your money, had you invested it instead.

When you borrow from yourself to pay cash for purchases, you’ll still get growth on the cash value in the policy.